Words to live by

If I were to get a tattoo, it might be of the above statement.

When I was co-directing a program for entrepreneurs last summer with my mentor (Lisa Johnson, one of my favorite folk), she kept saying over and over that it was all just an experiment. By tagging the program as an experiment, we couldn’t fail. Fear is stripped from the equation when it’s all just an experiment. There’s nothing to loose because growth and learning is all you’re out to gain.

I loved the thought behind that and decided to apply the mentality to my work and life.

Here are a few things I’ve done under the “life is just a big fat experiment” banner:
- Moved my office out of the house
- Said “No” for four months
- Let my studio site remain defunct for a very extended period of time
- Hired a bookkeeper (Best. Decision. Ever.)
- Hired someone to do my billing (Second best decision ever.)
- Spoke at my alma mater
- Splurged on amazing business cards
- Pitched new business
- Started paying off debt like crazy
- Played hooky from work to fly
- Launched TEC

Have I learned from all of those things? Yep!
Would I do some of them differently? Yep!
Do I regret any of it? Nope!

It’s all a big fat experiment!

I’m not one to “should” on others, but you really should embrace this experiment thing with me. It makes life and work so much more fun. (And no, you don’t have to use the scientific method even if you do remember it from 7th grade, thank goodness.)

10.5.11 // Topics: Business Guidelines

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